Sunday, 4 April 2010


IlustraciĆ³n de E. C.
The Romans came to Scotland from Britain and they fought against The Scots. But they couldn't conquer them. The Romans built the wall to separate England and Scotland but they were not always successful. They left in the 5th century.One of the most important areas of Scottish history is the relationship between the Scots and the English. There have always been difficulties. These often led to war. You can see the film "Braveheart" just to have an idea how things were centuries ago. Below you have a trailer of this film, pay attention to the clothes and places you see. You will get an image of this land in those years. Not all the things said in the film are true but some of them are

Later on there were more fights to become the king of Scotland. Both John Comyn and Robert the Bruce argued until Bruce killed Comyn. Bruce kept on fighting against the English. At the end the large English army lost to a small number of brave Scots. And Scotland was at least free from the English. If you want to know more about this period, click here

Throughout history and in all aeas of life there have been Scots whose names and work hae been famous during their lifetime and have lived on after their death. For example David Hume, the philosopher, Adam Smith, the economist, David Livingstone, the explorer, or the scientist Alexander Fleming. What about your region? Look for important people in any field and write about them.