Monday, 24 May 2010


Once again our man is here to remember you to start the corrections for chapter four. Please post the comments for the chapter soon, otherwise people can't start the corrections. Thank you very much

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


IlustraciĆ³n de E.C.

Scotland has a long and rich history that reaches back to before the Romans came to Britain. During this time, many things have happened that are mysterious or difficult to explain. Many places have stories about them that are hard, maybe even impossible to believe.

There are lots of stories, myths and legends about castles, ghosts, chapels, kings and so on. Pehaps one of the most well-known story about Scotland and one of the biggest argument is the existence of a sort of monster in Loch Ness, Big as a dinosaur, and not aggresive at all, as far as we know. a friendly monster like the one we have in the picture below. Click here or here if you want to see films taken from you tube.

Read chapter four in your book to see what other things you can find and try to look for similar stories in your region. You can ask your grandparents about legends and myths in your place, they are a great source of information. Try it

Monday, 3 May 2010


Here it is again. This time you have to write your corrections for chapter three. Read carefully your classmates' comments and start correcting them. Don't be afraid of doing it, everybody has to do the same and it's really an useful activitity. If you can correct others you will be able to correct yourselves when writing, and this will help you. Thanks once more for your work!