Monday, 24 May 2010


Once again our man is here to remember you to start the corrections for chapter four. Please post the comments for the chapter soon, otherwise people can't start the corrections. Thank you very much


  1. This time, like the others, I couldn't find any mistakes in my classmate comment. He has nice expressions, good grammar, a lot of vocabulary and, better, he sais very interesting things!


    Andrea Patiño Vázquez 4ºB

  2. I did't saw contruccions bad, only I saw bad word that STORIE and i think than is STORIES and MISTERIOUS and is MYSTERIOUS. The text is very good.

    Ana Cepeda Cardona 4ºB


    Line 2: It isn´t ``talk´´ . It´s ``talking´´ (I like talking)
    Line 3 : It isn´t taleks´´ . It´s ``talks´´
    Line 8 : It isn´t ``appear´´. It´s ``appears´´.
    Line 15: It isn´t ``any´´ . It´s ``a similar legend´´.
    Line 29: It isn´t ``appear´´ . It´s ``appears´´.
    Line 33: It isn´t ``belive´´ . It´s ``believe´´.
    Line 46: It isn´t ``for kill´´. It´s ``for killing´´.
    Line 49: It isn´t ``near to´´ . It´s ``near´´.
    Line 51: It isn´t ``wanted to lived´´. It´s ``wanted to live´´.
    Line 64: It isn´t ``it are´´ . It´s ``it is´´.

    Second part:

    Line 4: It isn´t ``I know not´´ . It´s ``I don´t know´´.
    Line 11: It isn´t ``other galician typical construction´´ . It is ``other typical Galician construction´´.
    Line 17: It isn´t ``a ecologic village´´. It´s ``an ecologic village´´.
    Line 18: It isn´t ``can to say´´ . It´s ``can say´´.

    The Fabio´s mistakes.

    Correction of Alberto Vázquez Rodríguez.

  4. Well, now it's the turn to try to correct the essay that one of my classmates has done. This is the correction:
    - In the 1st line, it's "In Galicia there are lots of stories and legends" instead of "In Galicia are very historys and legends".
    - In the 4th line, it's "Other stories or legends" instead of "The others historys or legend".
    - In the 5th line is "Galicia has bigs monuments"·instead of "Galicia has a big monuments".
    - In the 7th line is "Other monuments" instead of "The others monuments".
    - In the 10th line is "Castros were destroyed" instead of "Castros was destroyed".
    - In the 11th line is "Galician stories are the funniest in the world" instead of "Galicia`s historys are the most funny the all world".
    - In the 12th is "I like living here" instead of "I like life here".
    Diego Pazos Castro 4thB