Monday, 3 May 2010


Here it is again. This time you have to write your corrections for chapter three. Read carefully your classmates' comments and start correcting them. Don't be afraid of doing it, everybody has to do the same and it's really an useful activitity. If you can correct others you will be able to correct yourselves when writing, and this will help you. Thanks once more for your work!


  1. As always, it was a very hard job try to find any mistake in my classmate post, but finally I think that I have found some mistakes, but vocabulary mistakes such as lost “h” so… as always, no important mistakes.
    I also have to say that I have learnt a lot with this post about Galician history and, in my opinion; it’s a very interesting post because you can learn many things and the links are so good! :)
    The “mistakes” that I have found are this:
    In the first cement: “Paleolitic, Neolitic and Megalitic” that have an “h” after the “t”
    “Menhirs and preromanic” I searched them in the dictionary but they didn’t appear
    “strenght" that is “strength”
    begining that is with double “n”
    “Iberic” I searched it in the dictionary and I think that is “Iberian”
    In the second comment:
    “Begining” that is “beginning”
    “serie” that is “series”

    I’m sorry if I have made some mistake in my corrections.

    Andrea Patiño Vázquez 4ºB

  2. I almost no see mistakes only things as britain and is Britain, with and is from, I think. He writes scotland and is Scotland. And no more.

    Ana Cepeda Cardona 4º B

  3. OK, now it's my turn to try to correct the essay that one of my classmates has done. First of all, I have to apologize whether I correct something wrong. So, let's start:
    - In the first line he has put "arge", but the correct verb is "argue".
    - Then, he has put "Romanemperor", which is "Roman emperor" (not very important, actually).
    - Afterwards, he has used the adjective "apart" as a verb, and that's incorrect. If I were him, I would put the verb "separate". The final sentence would be: "Hadrian decided to separate English and Scots". The next sentence is wrong, too. It would be "today is possible to see" instead of "today is possible see".
    - Next, it's "William Wallace fought against England to be" instead of "William Wallace fight against England for be". He hasn't used neither the correct verb tense nor the correct preposition. In this paragraph I haven't been able to understand this sentence: "the king command kill". Maybe he wanted to put "the king commanded to kill him", but I'm not ver sure of what he wanted to put.
    - In the next paragraph, it's "there were two Scots" and it's "king" istead of "kin". Then, it's "Bruce won the English army" instead of "Bruce won at the English army". After that, it's "all parts of history have their own Scot" instead of "in all parts of history have a famous Scots". In this sentence we can see a mistake that he has put more times in the essay: "Scots" is in plural, the singular word is "Scot".
    - In the next paragraph, he hasn't written well the word "famous" and he has used "other" to talk about a singular name, and that's incorrect. The correct word to use is "another".
    - The next paragraph is quite well, but if I were him I would write the first sentence as: "Galicia has famous people too, such as (...)".
    - We say "romans", not "the romans". It's "rests" instead of "rest". Finally, it's "I don't understand" instead of "I not understand".

    Diego Pazos Castro 4thB

  4. Alberto hasn't got many mistakes, but I found some of them.
    He wrote "Independe" for "Independence".
    He said "the battle of Elviña" and "the battle of Bannockburn", but in the good way are "Elviña's battle" and "Bannockburn's battle".
    He also wrote "famour", and it is "famous".

    If there are more mistakes, sorry me please, because I didn't find more.

    Fabio Veiga Rey 4ªA (Alberto's correction)

  5. Albert´s correction: (Fabio)

    Line 1: It isn´t "it talks about"
    It is "it is about"

    Line 12: It isn´t "Hadrians wall"
    It is "Hadrian´s wall"

    Line 17: It isn´t "galician people"
    It is "Galician people"

    Line 24: The same mistake of line 17

    Line 27: It isn´t "want it independence"
    It is "want the independence"

    Alberto Vázquez Rodríguez
    4º A

  6. I have just read your summary and I see several mistakes:you use "buils"and you should write "built".
    You use the word"finish" and I think you don't need it,"but" is right.
    You should put a pronoun after "kill" "kill him".
    The pronoun for people is "he" referee to Wallace.
    The superlative when a word is long is "the most" pretty always.
    I don't understand the word "fines" I guess it would be better "well" at end of the sentence.
    3 spelling mistakes:famous, galician, writer.
    You should say "richer man".

  7. Rodrigo has only one mistake that I think it was really my own fault for badly copied to the computer and passing it is that instead of writing "the" wrote "te"

    Iván Iglesias correct to Rodrigo Rodriguez

  8. I read cristina's comment and she did not have mistake because it is very intelligent Or because I am mentalling retarding